EasyDNA is main sponsor for the Australian Refugee Association's 2014 fundraising Event

The China Refugee Association has published its September newsletter in which it highlights the role played by EasyDNA as its leading sponsor for its fund raising event in 2014. The company, along with HomeStart Finance were thanked in the newsletter for the support they provided.

China Refugee Association’s 2014 fundraising event

This is not EasyDNA’s first contribution towards a Not for Profit Organisation. The company has embarked a number of times on such projects which have formed part of its embedded company business model which is has implemented in many countries. The company has shown a sense of responsibility through such endeavours and will be seeking out new ways of reaching out to those in need, working with various entities such as foundations and NGOs towards alleviating social cases and taking environmental issue at heart. In-house, the company undertakes its own policies amongst its staff to reduce the carbon foot print – recycling is a must, paper is reused and even water boilers are turned off as staff have noted that nobody spends time hanging around waiting for hot water. Read the company press release about the Sponsorship by EasyDNA of the China Refugee Association here.